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Solo Exhibitions

2024- "Chromatic Reverberations", Barbagelata, (BCAF), Curator Sophia Alvarez, Spain

2022 - "Kir Oman", N.D Gallery, Ramat-Gan, Curator Ronit Rot-Hadad

2020 - "The Day After", Hadmama Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Curator Ayala Tseitlin

2007 - "Paintings", Artist's Studio, Ramat Hasharon

2005 - "Guest Artist", David Bloch School, Tel-Aviv, Curator Tali Guata    

2001 - "Paintings", Amalia Arbel Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Curator Amalia Arbel

2000 - "Libi Lach Lach Libi", Nana Restaurant, TLV, Curator Nana Shraier

2000 - "The Third Exhibition", Artist House, Tel-Aviv

1999 - "The Second Exhibition", Artist House, Tel-Aviv

1999 - "The First Exhibition", Artist House, Tel-Aviv 


Group Exhibitions

2024 - "From Gallery Collection", Tova Osman Gallery, Curator Tova Osman, Tel Aviv

​2024-  "Infinity", Florence Contemporary Gallery, Curator Michele Moreli, Italy

2024 – "Day By Day", Tova Osman Gallery, Curator Tova Osman, Tel Aviv
2024 – "Landscapes", Barbagelata, (BCAF), Curator Elena Serrano, Barcelona, Spain
2024 – "The Light", Nocturno, Curator Hagit Argaman, Jerusalem
2024 – "Imagination", Royal Blue Gallery", UK

2023- "ABSTRACTS", Barbagelata, (BCAF), Curator Ambre Noel, Barcelona, Spain 

2023 - "Volume 5: Art As Language", Contemporary Art Chronicle, San Francisco & Barcelona

2023 - "Protraits", Barbagelata, (BCAF), Barcelona, Spain, Curator Victoria Wong2oooo

2023 - "Man", Barbagelata, (BCAF), Barcelona, Spain,  Curator Gustave Marion

2023 - "Concept", Florence Contemporary Gallery, Italy, Curator Michele Moreli

2023 - "Rising", Assemblage Gallery , Tel-Aviv, Curators Doron Benvenishti and Inbar Dekel

2023 - "Emerging Artists 2023",  dodomu Gallery, Brooklyn, N.Y, Curator Katherine Statsenko

2023 - "ReBirth", Eindor Museum, Curator Tamar Shoval and Adi Nisanbaum

2023 - "Untoldn Narratives", ArtGallery118, N.Y, Curator Rachel Hester

2023 - "Here and Now", N.D.Gallery, Ramat-Gan, Curator, Ronit Rot-Hadad   

2023 - "Opening Drawers", Givat Haviva Art Center, Curators Pazit      Yahalomi and Yamit Caspi

2023 - "Blue Sea Water", Gabriel's House", Curator Yael Nitzan 

2022 - "Art Investigations", Art People & Me Museum of Art, London

2022 - "Surreality", Arteom Gallery, Milan, Italy,  Curators Alessia Perone & Beatrice Cordaro

2022 - "Nostalgia II", The Holy Art Gallery, London

2021 - "Hacol Al Ha'niyar", Ben Ami Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Curator Yohanan Harson

2021 - "Philo-Poem", M.a.d.s Milan Gallery, Milano, Italy, Curator Federica D'Avanzo

2013 - "Not Book", Bate Haeer Museum, Tel-Aviv, Curator Guy Morag

2013 - "Arim Thomot, Al-Hagader 3", Jaffa, Curator Shunit Gal

2012 - "Em Hazarim, Om El Arib, Al-Hagader 2", Jaffa, Curator Shunit Gal

2012 - "The Happy Mummy", Museum Of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan, Curator Mira Hanan Avgar

2011 - "Souvenirs", Migdal David Museum, Jerusalem, Curator Michael Kesus Gdaliovich

2007 - "H20", Municipal Gallery, Giveatiem, Curator Doron Pollack

2006 – "Year's End Exhibition", David Bloch School, Tel-Aviv, curator Tali Guata

2005 - "Winter Exhibition", Miezag Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Curator Tali Navon

1994 - Teachers' Exhibition, Bezalel Academy Of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Curator Dudo Mezach           


2024 - "Infinity", Florence Contemporary Gallery

2024 - Contemporary Art Curator Magazine Issue 2/2025 Visionaries:  Artists Shaping the Future. Creative Catalysts for                           Change: The Artistic Activism
2024 – Suboart Magazine, February 2024, #19
2023 – "Concept", Curator Michele Morelli, Florence Contemporary Gallery, Firenze, Italy
2021 – "Philo-Poem", M.A.D.S Art Gallery, Curators Carlo Greco, Alessandra Magni, Milan
2012 – "The Happy Mummy", Ramat Gan Museum of Israeli Art, Curator Mira Hanan Avgar
20211 – "Souvenirs", Tower of David Jerusalem Museum, Curator Michael Gdaliovitch 

Articles, Publications, Prizes

2024 - Art House Online Gallery,  Artwork of the Month, "Garden of Eden", Honorable Mention, Artist of the Month April 202422024 - "Ori Aviram", Noble Art Conversations, Contemporary Art Collectors 

2024 – "Zrif Literary Magazine", Ben Guiron University, Special Issue, 7.10.23
2024 – "Ori Aviram: Painting Paths less traveled", by Ewan Shah, AATONAU, Osaka, Japan
2024 – "Ori Aviram", Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, by Marta Puig
2024 – "Behind the Looking Glass", "Day by Day", by Ziva Koort
2023 – Interview, Florence Contemporary Gallery, by Michelle Morelli
2020 – "The Wind of the Day After", Yedioth Tel Aviv, by Naomi Reichman
2028 – "Maya's Women", "Still-Life" Catalogue, Omer Tirosh Gallery
2017 – "Reflections on the Gods and Human Generations", by Dr. Rachel Gutsman





1996                 Painting and Sculpture, Doron Bar-Adon
1989-1991       BA Philosophy and Cinematography, Tel-Aviv University
1989                 Drawing, Shir Shvadron
1988                 Video Art, Bezalel Academy, Dudu Mezach


2023                 Art Teacher, "Osishkin" School, Ramat HaSharon
2022                 Art Teacher, "Shvilim" school, Tel-Aviv 
2000-2020      Privet Lessons, Workshops In schools and kindergartens
1994-1955       Video, Photography Department, Bezalel Academy of Arts, Jerusalem


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